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Default Yes, you have a phone, a car or van...gas money...and whatever it is

you're going to sell, be it a service or a product.

Think of being in a VW Camper Van. You could pull a small trailer, lightly loaded.

You have a phone. Computer.

You CAN call ahead or SEND a letter ahead of your arrival.

You CAN have a website.

So, that broadens the ideas, right?


Originally Posted by Duane Adolph View Post
HI Gordon,

Thanks for the Brainstorming session.

Something about your post reminds me of the old the Television Show Called Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula. Where he kept jumping from one body to another and when his time was up. THAT WAS IT.

From our files over the years we've learned to

1. Get Clear On Your Target
2. Determine Your Resources/Assets etc.

So far #1 You've given us a clear target and time frame $500 Cash in pocket by 5pm that day.

It's #2 Resources/Assets That I'm trying to determine. So my quick question to you is. What if any resources DO we have to start with? at 8am?

Thanks Gordon

  • CASH: Do we have a cash float? If so how much?
  • COMMUNICATION: Do we have a cell phone? Internet Access?
  • TRANSPORTATION: Do we have access to a car? bus?
This might help frame the Ideas that are generated a little better. THANKS
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