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Default Re: This Is What I Would Do To Make $500 In A Day or Two...

Originally Posted by MartinBuckley View Post

My friend has sold as many as 14 laptops in one day and averages selling 6 laptops a day, so I know for fact this money making idea is gold and works.

To your success,


Very interesting. Main problem (for doing this more than once) is finding a large recycling center that you can get 6 computers a day from, me guessing of course.

I've never been to a recycling center; are these $50 computers advertised to the average person who walks in off the street, or do you have to ask?

I just searched for a recycling center; I found one in Nashville that says their refurb computers start at $90, but that's not what you're talking about. (here's the flyer if it matters: ww

I may just have to look into this.
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