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Default Re: Sowpub Brainstorming session...500 bux a day....HOW...IF...

As for the OP, I'm planning on restoring headlights at large truckstops. Maybe $500/day if I stay their forever, but still feasible.

In fact, once I get comfortable restoring headlights and working at larger truckstops (travelcenters/whatever they're called now), I have seriously considered slowly traveling the country, paid for my stopping at truck stops and maybe locations mentioned in the Boz's and Gordan's book.

I stumbled across a 70 year old guy on a forum that travels the country in a RV and cleans headlights at truckstops. He does it a different way than the Boz (although I'm not sure exactly how); it takes him 30 minutes and he charges $25. Even so, he says he usually makes $250 and has indeed made $500+ in a day.

Of course, most towns of 25k don't have large truck stops, but that's just a part of it. Very obviously, none of this is originally from me and most here already know about it; I'm just posting this for the lurkers like me.
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