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Jim Hargadon
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Default Re: The Millionaire Mentality -- according to J. Paul Getty

> I once read a story about a group of people
> who decided to start a consulting company.
> The first thing they did was rent out an
> office in the expensive part of town. They
> furnished their office with the most costly
> furniture. They had the highest quality
> custom-made curtains, the most fashionable
> mahogany desks, the most expensive plush
> carpet. It was a wonderful place to work -
> they spent a lot of money making sure it was
> so. The only problem - they had no
> customers. They went bankrupt in just a few
> months.

BOO.COM make those guys look frugal...lashed out the cash - about 200 million..flew first class...5 star hotels...and disappeared!

At least they went out in style.