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Default Re: Then our 39.95 book on Toll Positions should do great, right?

Gordon -

I have a couple of additional questions for Mr. Brody, if you're still taking them...

(1) Most chain stores and departments stores ask new suppliers to fill out a form that shows the financial position of the supplier. What if you are a new company with little to no assets? Won't that make the retailers nervous? If I don't start distributing products through mass merchandisers, then where do I start?

(2) Who does the quality control inspection for your products? Do you hire someone to inspect the products after they are manufactured... or do you just trust that the products were manufactured correctly? I'm assuming that someone, somewhere, does QC after the products are manufactured, and before the products go to the distributor or retailer.


P.S. Thanks Gordon, for keeping Harvey's teachings alive.
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