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Default A word about gambling and lotteries in general.

Originally Posted by HayleyNash View Post
Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about

For the record: there is NO system, gambling method, secret for winning lotteries...NONE. Rule one of gambling, the house ALWAYS WINS.

That being said, there are professional gamblers and some, such as NFL gamblers are sophisticated and do take in huge amounts of money every season...and of course, those pro card players, poker especially.

With a lottery, much like in the game of 21 (blackjack), if one deck is used and you can count and remember cards, and funny thing the only way of getting close to house odds is according to the house, cheating, by having a good memory. YIKES.

Anyhow, keep track and using DATA is the only way, in any and all the so-called systems...which gives you a fighting chance, and even then, you want LUCK on your side.

Now luck is an attitude. One way to demonstrate that you feel like you have it, is by buying a ticket.

Amazing how many people fantasize about winning big money in a lottery and who NEVER BUY A TICKET.

But LUCK can be developed (my opinion) by taking charge of our thinking and controlling how we think about it.

Sort of a Descartes thing, "I think I'm lucky, therefore I am."

I've written about this in the past, especially a few years back when I made my system public and some (very few) tried it out. My charts now go back over a decade, one would think I would have learned something by now...yet still I go play. Cause,

I'm lucky.

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