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Default Re: More Ingredients For The Stew Pot

Since I had a personal crisis that occupied most of my day I had time to surf the net. While surfing I found some more that may or may not be relevant.

Admittedly I was ignorant of this document. Hell, it was published in 1999. I was still in my Internet infancy and barely able to read, see, hear or comprehend.

the document is called:

The Cluetrain Manifesto

and can be found at:

I read it. Again, I'm late to the game. However, given the meteoric rise of reputation management, it would seem to me their basic premise is absolutely correct. We are definitely more connected and we can say things in almost obscure anonymity we wouldn't say if we were eyeball to eyeball.

Before I get off track, I'd love to hear what others think about the manifesto. I believe it is material that can be placed in our stew pot w/o spoiling the taste of the broth.

Amen and God bless fellow marketing crusaders. To the rest, I say ninsa...
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