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Default Please keep us posted.

Type in an address for a house for sale. You will see it always comes up on first page of all search engines, why would'nt it? Most FSBO will be at zillow.

So, you ask a good question, what is the advantage of having a video which shows the same thing as the listing? I don't know, hopefully, you will find out and let us know.

I do know zillow and others give me a lot of information on area, most include a map
plus tax info, schools etc.

So, please, let us know how you do, and will you keep track of the amount of time it takes too?

As a former Realtor, I'd be interested in learning more, especially why a video like this kind would work, OK?


Originally Posted by RickC View Post
Agreed, Gordon. And again I'll ask (anybody), how does one generate enough SEO on FSBO video to justify a fee of $497.00 or more?

I ask because if I was selling a home myself, I would question the cost of a video, using MY pictures, to sell MY home. If the only way to SEE my video was to key in MY address, then what good is that unless someone KNOWS my address.

A valid question. Still, I am going to plow ahead and try this. I will check back in with results.
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