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Default TW, you are as much a mystery to me as Glenn Osborn is to you...


Tim, I just don't get you. I think you may have said that about Glenn Osborn and his Weird NLP tricks.

I get you are an analytical, or a green, or a Taurus or stubborn or bullheaded or whatever....

Personalities, be they 4 of Richard Dennis' chart, 12 astrological signs or 16 of psychological jargon...

I get personalities.

I don't get you Tim. And that's ok, just like you not getting Glenn.

But, I'd think at some point, maybe you'd quit doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

People are NOT logical. PERIOD. End of story.

Having worked in a state mental facility for a couple of years, and seeing people do the same things over and over, because they have an illness which makes them, or creates the do that...

I'm always puzzled by people like you, who by your own admissiong, keep gumming things up because you can't make people think like you.

I just don't get it.

You are smart, probably too smart in some ways, but...when does the


No one is getting any younger, why delay or wait one day more to make an adjustment and take some action...and solve the problem in the direction of your goal...

but having a goal of

keeping on doing what you are doing and expecting different results...

well, it's just insane. Isn't it?

As for your thinking, biggest excuse of all time...

that's just the way I am.

It is a nice excuse to fall back on...I suggest you get some professional help and try to get rid of the blocks, which are deeply subconcious, which keep you on the insano train doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Maybe buy one of those Glenn Osborn courses and really get into it??

Good luck TW, I think you're going to need a lot of it.


Originally Posted by -TW View Post
Got a call from a previous client wondering WHY I DIDN'T CALL HER, to see if she wanted to reorder.

Where logic falls to the ground is, if she wants to reorder (she does), and she has all my contact info (she does), why (oh why!) is she waiting for ME to contact her to see if she wants to reorder?!?!?

So, in other words, I must take the initiative to persuade people who need persuading. But I ALSO must "persuade" those who are ALREADY persuaded?!?! Huh?!?!

Makes no sense!

That's like -- I need a gallon of milk, and then I sit there wondering why the store isn't CALLING ME to take my order -- and I'm not gonna buy milk until they do CALL ME -- even though I know darn well where the store is, and I'm the one who wants the milk!!!

-- TW
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