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Default Will today be an HISTORIC day?

Or more like, histrionic?

Great theater in the House of Represenatives. Here is the deal.

At the end of the day, no matter what the governement does, YOUR future remains in YOUR hands.

We've seen economic storm clouds on the horizon for the past year, we've written and discussed it. The STORM is HERE.

And like most storms that are KNOWN to be coming, most do very little to prepare for it and then have to rely on help from friends and neighbors or from their Uncle Sam.

Well, the economy isn't going to rebound and be OK over night.

But YOU can. IF you have a tested and proven strategy and apply the methodology that can get you high above the storm clouds and into blue skies.

Will this be a HISTORIC day for YOU? Or will it bring on more drama?

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I have a new blog post at and we've reopened up with the just released UPDATES to one of the great business books of all time.
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