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Default This is not ZiQ, CVS, BVS or BS, this is serious

It would seem to me if we had to distill everything all the quoted gurus were telling us in these threads of the last few days, one, we probably already know it and two, it would be a 5 step process.

I can't remember when or where I committed this process to paper but here is what I wrote:

Step 1 - Decide exactly what you want
Step 2 - Decide why you want it
Step 3 - Believe you will get it
Step 4 - Have faith it's on its way
Step 5 - Take action towards it

I could have heard this at one of the National Speaker Association meetings. I was a member of the San Francisco chapter. It could have been in one of my readings or after a few Heinekens.

Doesn't really matter. It is on paper and is the gospel truth nobody can dispute. I mean it is on paper. How much more solid can you get?

Since we are in a virtual real estate world, I may have even turned this knowledge into a pdf. If I did, we now have more rock solid evidence of it being the real stuff. Top Gun material de minimis.

Regardless, I believe we probably all have done at least one of the above steps more than once. We are where we are because we want to be there and the only way out isn't death. Oh no, au contrar, to give us only that one option is liberal democrat socialist commie pinko rhetoric at its finest.

The only way out is for us to take action. Period. EOS.
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