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Default Here is a typical resume site.

This came from a sig file at Warrior Forum. So, pretty standard stuff, eh?

If it were me, I'd have either a fly in, pop up or an above the fold form for a FREE jobs report. What they do here is the build it and they will come.

They give you PRICING, in other words, one siZE fits all service. The put the order button right up, they are selling without giving us any benefits.

Why are they better than 1001 other resume sites out there, including established ones?

I also went through several different combos, and they are all form generated. Also, many of their links at the bottom don't work.

So, they offer a 189 "Platinum" with a form to fill out.

I'd write a little Hotsheet, or short report along the lines of what I mentioned or to make it more topical...

9 of the Best Jobs to Apply for During Trump's First Year as POTUS, give that away. Include a bonus hotsheet of resources (links) offer a consult, then get to the pricing.

I just happened across this one from WF, looks typical, but if you or anyone finds an outstanding Resume/Job Finding service which incorporates IM, please post a link. Thanks,

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