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Adam Bradley
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Default Sure do.....

Hi Dien,

I use one of those (and am using one right now as I type this) - I've been using it for about 6 months now and I reckon that they are great!

I also checked with my local Chiropractor and he recommended this over and above a normal chair.


> I sit in front of my computer an awful lot.
> I'm sure many here do the same!

> And all that sitting not only doesn't help
> you get fit at all, but it can also be a
> strain on your back....

> So, I thought, I'd look around for one of
> those ergonomic chairs. I was even thinking
> of getting one of those "kneel
> sit" chairs that are meant to be good
> for your back...

> Then I saw a program on TV. A lady was
> talking about how good a Swiss ball (also
> known as an exercise ball) is for exercising
> with! I thought to myself - Self, you have
> to get one of those Swiss balls!

> To cut to the chase, I ended up buying one
> at K-Mart. Somewhere along the line, I had
> read that Swiss balls can even make good
> ergonomic chairs!

> Apparently, if you use the ball as a chair,
> you are constantly adjusting your muscles to
> keep balancing on the ball. This means you
> are working your leg, abdominal, and back
> muscles - even while you're just sitting
> there.

> Unlike a normal chair, where you end up
> slouching after a short time, with the Swiss
> ball you're constantly "working
> out" - even though they are simple
> muscle micro-adjustments. Everything is
> sub-conscious - you're not even fully aware
> of it while you're sitting down.

> However, when you stand up - then you feel
> the effect! I sat down on my Swiss ball for
> part of the day yesterday... When I stood
> up, it FELT like I just had a workout!

> I'm going to try it more (I've only had my
> Swiss ball for just over a day now). It
> seems like a good idea - keep exercising
> while you work on your computer.

> Also, Swiss balls are quite a lot cheaper
> than ergonomic chairs. You can afford to buy
> several of them if you wanted to.
> Has anyone else tried this, or do you know
> of others who have tried this?

> I'll keep at it, and report on the effect of
> using a Swiss ball as a chair after I've
> tried it a little while longer... :)

> - Dien Rice