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Default When shrunken heads were hot...

Some of the scariest true tales I'm aware of are the stories of headhunting cannibals...

Tribes which practice headhunting may still exist today in the highlands of Papua New Guinea... And maybe also deep in the jungles of Borneo...

One of the most gruesome modern tales is that of Michael Rockefeller, who was the grandson of John D. Rockefeller. He was an anthropologist, and disappeared on a trip to New Guinea in 1961... He is believed to have been captured, cooked, and eaten by one of the then still-cannibalistic tribes.

Which brings us to this...

This is a shrunken head! E. Joseph Cossman (Joe Cossman) tells us in his books that when he was selling them, they sold like crazy!

It was probably more plausible at that time... the death of Michael Rockefeller would have still been fresh in the public consciousness...

Makes you wonder... what "crazy" items would be "hot" today?

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