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Default What I learned from 25 years of selling the chattel report.

Originally Posted by jsansi View Post
I bought it to flip ...

I appreciate the help Gordon. Feels like however much I think I know, I don't really know anything at all. I'm reworking and testing the ads now based on your suggestion.

I don't sell it, the report, haven't for a long time, but it has been around for 25 years in various forms.

Here is what I've learned. FEW, very few ever took the time to build networks. I once had videos posted on Youtube, and it was a big part of the report.

But most of the Chattelers were very part time, made some deals, then got back to what they were doing before I distracted them.

The number one question was always WHAT to sell. And it is the number one stumbling block, because MY answer has always been, it doesn't matter WHAT it is, is it something someone wants and is there profit in it?

Follow some of the current people who buy and sell for a living, and that becomes pretty clear.

In the original report, I did a big section on the PSYCHOLOGY of buying and selling and how to use that both when buying and then when selling.

My general advice I gave here, BETTER COPY (or reasons why) is one part of it.

Knowing one makes their money on the BUY, is also a big part of it. Today, the tools, like eBay sold listings, craigslist, Facebook market place are all places to learn what people want and have paid cold hard cash for.

Also, I've learned Chatteling pops up again and again, when jobs are lost, people need fast cash, or get desperate.

I explained it took a year to build up your networks, by visiting those buyers of chattel, the local bike shop, music store, collectibles, thrifts, outlets, consignments, etc., etc.

Today, almost all of it is being done online, with either pick up, shipping or delivery, as more and more retailers were forced to close.

Get to know WHY people sell for undervalue, and then use good copy writing skills to tell a story why someone should buy it from you, and pocket the difference.

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