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Default YIKES a billion dollar lottery, firing up the Psychic Power Generator

Well, GOLLY, in my best Gomer Pyle voice.

The megamillions has a billion dollar jackpot, which means, for the next 3 days, I'll be busy with my Personal Psychi Powered Generator...which actually has two parts.

The Transmitter, which means I'll be trying to influence the numbers and the Receiver, which means I'll keep my mind open to any help the Universe wishes to supply.

One thing, when it gets this high, I actually play less, or fewer tickets, I think my limit for the billion is going to be 10 bux, which means, one or the other parts of PPEG has got to pull its weight.

I took it to the bridge down the street, and talking to it as if it were a trusted old friend, I said:

LOOK, either help me win the Billion bux, or into the river you go.

Don't know if that will work, if it does, I guarantee, you'll never know...HA!


PS. Best bet: 1, 2, 4, 5 70 Mega 1

Or you could just send me 7 bux and get a new report which is getting updated as you read.

An AFTERTHOUGHT... paypal me 2 bux, and I'll send you the Patterns of Megamillions along with the PPEG's current "selections" within the 6 possible patterns of the megamillions.

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