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....from your experience with car dealers "downunder"....however....THIS concept is already being done by 2 guys.

One guy started a "Dealer Only Wholesale Site" in Sept of 06 in the Dallas area. He now has over 50 dealers paying him a "nice" monthly fee.

Another guy in Southern Illinois has over 30 dealers paying him to upload their "Trades" to his site so other dealers can see what's available on ONE site.

Saves dealers TIME. And...some smaller dealers pay a monthly fee just to be able to see what's available. dealers are "cheap" and are a "hard sell"...but...I've been thru this before and....there are ways to "reach them" and get them to participate.

In doing "research" in my area...I already have good interest from 4 medium-sized used car lots.

The "car lot market" is huge. I've got one guy who's part of a group of 27 dealers who wants to "try it" when I get set up.

Granted....this is NOT for someone who's never sold anything before. But, for us "old direct sales pros"....this is something WE can sell. And...the reward for something like this....(providing a "Member" site which involves NO Time) is huge.

The only "effort" is getting dealers to participate. Once in, they don't leave.

There are 28,000 new and 74,000 used car dealers in the good ol' USofA. I only need a few to pay me a nice monthly I sail off into the sunset.

I did NOT post this note here to "sell" anything. The audience here are not "direct salespeople". My reason was to show...once again that.....there are STILL money-making ideas out there. has happened during most of my sales fact...."IT" happened with my very first business venture, Starting a Burglar ALarm Business in the suburbs of Chicago.

My friends, family, business contacts...everyone I told what I was intending to do...said,
"The market is already saturated with Alarm Cos"! ...or, "Homeowners won't buy your alarm system because....!" etc, etc...while i went ahead and made it work anyway.

Don Alm
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