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Default Thank you Ohio Lottery Grimoire, that didn't take long.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
I like playing two digits in the pick 3 game, and I'm way ahead, albeit, in what I consider to be nickle and dimes. I want the dollars, six figure, or 100K, came kinda close with Rolling Cash 5 last week when it went over 300k. Teased me with 4 of 5 a couple of times and although 300 bux is fun to get (unless you spent 400 to get it)...

it just isn't the same thrill as (I imagine) winning 100k will be.

Anyhow, since I have some time, and brought it up, a little bit more about the lottery. I had the 459 boxed today at midday here in the Ohio lottery, no biggie, but 41.50 on a dollar play. Actually had 954 backed up for 50 cents. My grimoire was showing ADD was due. Adds are like 123, or 246, or 954...two number add up to the third, there are 18 adds possible and they show up twice in 40 draws.

Likewise SEQ like 345 or 678 also show up twice in the same 40 draws, and double digits DD show up 7 to 12 times, about 25%. Now that the RC 5 is back to regular, I'll switch up and play little ball for awhile, still buying MEGA AND POWER balls, that is big time win, albeit not as big as before crisis changed things.

So, I'm back on the dd 11x may lose my shirt, but grimoire sez, play 11x. and so that is what I will do.

On the bigger jackpots I use wheels, and try to get as many "patterns" as the grimoire shows. Did well in the RC 5 with no single digits when 23-29-30-36-38 came up...but close doesn't work when trying for the big bux.

Ohio Grimoire sez to play NO single digit and NO 30's, very rare, but they do happen and maybe this month I'll get lucky, or luckier.

So follow along if you want, Ohio lottery dot com to see the Ohio draws, and I'll be chasing 11x and RC5 this month.


So, tonight 114 came in. Thank you, thank you. Got to go to grocery stores tomorrow. Because,

tonight RC 5 # 10-16-17-18-19- and four out of 5 pays 300. When you wheel 10 to 29, and eliminate so many numbers, the wheels pay off, multiple times.

Close to a thousand buck day, keep up the good work grimoire.

But still, need that 100k soon, maybe this month.

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