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Default Instant sales vs Instant Buyers.

From a discussion at Warrior Forum; I've been thinking about what I would have wanted when I was a younger salesman.

For most of my life, I thought I wanted INSTANT SALES.


See, selling is a process, buying is a decision, I want the prospect who has already decided and doesn't require any salesmanship on my part.

There are dozens of sales training courses, tons of selling videos and untold thousands of books on selling. I believe I've been exposed to them all. Some are better than others.

But I've come to a new conclusion.

They ALL are wrong.

Why? It is the framing of the idea, SELLING means being active, doing something, using skills (which many don't have and never will).

Glenn Osborn has been a green light for me, one which I can go through and not make a stop.

I want to jump to the very end, a YES from whomever is interested in my offer. I talk a lot about my favorite little lady, LITTLE DEBBIE and her snacks. Yummy sugar and sodium laced goodies which millions of people BUY, everyday.

We have shouted about lists for decades now, and the importance of building them. I don't think the Debster has me on a list, yet.

As I was reviewing a lifetime of work, I noticed that I was very stuck in the SALESMAN mode...

trying to get people to buy. Trying to persuade and influence them for my personal profit, and for their good too. That should be a mission of any really good PROFESSIONAL salesperson, shouldn't it?

60 years later, after devouring the Elmers (Leterman and Wheeler) and a lifetime immersed in sales psychology...I wonder where the mentor was who would have said to me...

quit selling...

find buyers.

Sure, we old timey direct response marketers pert near lived by that, find a buyer, someone who buys in quantity and often. BINGO, you live at the top of the hill.

Yet the greatest of them out there, for a cold list, had single digit success, a 4% response rate to a cold list would have made them wealthy...but 96% failure rate (with a different perspective)...YIKES.

Today, and this after attending a two day webinar by Pat Flynn and his group, I think the future belongs to those who find INSTANT BUYERS.

And I would give serious thought to focusing in that direction, if I wore a younger man's clothes...


HOW? Today; data, searches, OFFERS. Bring the INSTANT BUYERS to you. Somewhat of an advanced Kennedy "magnetic marketing" strategy, and with the tools you all have to use today, I think you would be surprised how easy it could be to attract the Instant Buyer to your offer.

Any thoughts?


P.S. Glenn's part: showing us ways he PREPS the mind (as in Cialdini's PRESUASION) subliminally before his "offers". Mind blowing stuff.

Prep the prepared mind, and there you go, INSTANT BUYERS.

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