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Default I'm still aiting for the flying car.

A flying car was featured on the cover of Popular Science circa 1960...I'm still waiting.

I guess gravity is a little harder than they thought.

George Jetson would like the auto car.


PS. The Jetsons were a futuristic cartoon family.

Originally Posted by Rob Yaggie View Post
It is amazing how quickly technology can change our lives and on days that I travel I always think about the (near?) future when cars drive themselves. Less accidents, closer following distances, do what you want while the car drives, etc. I know it would take time to phase out our current cars but this could happen sooner than we think.

Tonight my son showed me a very interesting video... maybe some of you have already seen it. It is called "Humans Need Not Apply"

15 minute video:

Wiki page:

I recommend watching it if you have the time. It really makes you think about how big of a change automation could have on our already fragile workplace. My kids are high school / college age now and I wonder what job opportunities / struggles they are about to face (maybe my gray hair is a good thing now).

Rob Yaggie
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