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Jason van Hooft
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Default Re: Getting what you want....

Great example Dien,

A friend once told me ...

The cure for hunger has been invented - it's called eating!

In life, (unles you inherit) nothing is FREE. Everything comes at a cost.

The reality is that success does have a price, and in some cases the price can be very high - it depends on how much effort you put in, but more importantly how much planning you do.

The way to avoid hunger is to eat. We all PLAN to eat don't we??

If we want to go on a holiday we plan for it!

If we want to save money to buy a new car we plan for it!

If you want SUCCESS.... you should PLAN for it!

My dad once told me 'practice makes perfect' but if you don't plan to pratctice you've already failed!

Lot's of success and prosperity to you all...

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