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Default Re: My competitive swimming and struggle with asthma


> However, even though my competitive swimming
> did not lead to a career, it led to other
> things.... Including my love of body-surfing
> and skin-diving!

> I can't describe the thrill I have when I
> catch a wave, and I can feel the water
> swirling around me, and see the surface of
> the water, in front of the wave, rushing
> towards me....

> And the majestic and delicate beauty of the
> underwater world, especially of the
> beautiful fluorescent-colored fish and the
> brilliantly-hued corals of a coral reef....

> These truly are my loves!

What a wonderful story Dien...Your Passion
seems to be coming through loud and clear in
these passages...Just curious: are you doing
anything offline or online with your interest
in diving or body surfing?
I'm asking because sometimes we overlook
the things in life which give us the most