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Default Slop and mess.

I still listen to the many hours of recordings I did with Harvey Brody a decade ago. One of the best things that came out of that for me was, learning about SLOP and MESS.

And once Harvey opened my eyes to it, very clear to see it permeates life at all levels, but especially in the money making realm.

It is today, one of my very first looks at all so-called business or money making opportunities...what is the SLOP and MESS ratio?

No slop and mess? ME buying something, selling it for more than I paid.
ME, creating my own information product be it a report, HOTSHEET, guide or whatever and setting up a simple AUTOMATIC VENDING site.

Add a person, just one, and suddenly I'm having to wear galoshes. Two people between me and the customer, then waders...and more than that, I need scuba gear for all the slop that comes with it.

I basically quit doing affiliate marketing about a decade ago, I think my last Clickbank check came in 2010 or so. When Jim Straw passed, it was the end of about 80% OF my affiliate incomes.

Just too much slop and mess for me. Even today, I do very little, once in awhile I buy a hotsheet and follow a handful of affiliate marketers most of whom bore me to death with their daily emails (yes, I did sign up for them, but doesn't mean I care).

IF you have to rely on someone else doing something, then you have created a little bit of slop for yourself, certainly manageable or so you think.

But, again, today it is one of the first things I look at when considering any business proposal, any income stream or any biz-op.

By my own standards, if I can keep the S&M to under 10%, then I may have a go at it, anything above 20% is an automatic NOT INTERESTED at this point.

During this period of review, I'll go over some of the better lessons I gleaned from my conversations with Harvey and some of the things I learned from the experience working with Ben Suarez and Harvey and with Green Tree Press. Sometimes, the negative things offer up the most positive of life experiences.

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