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Default Tom The Physical Therapist Has Signed up A Swim Club

Thanks Dien,

Do You Know Anybody in Australia - who wants to
Get Rid of PAIN - over the Phone?

Arthritis Pain

Joint Pain

Neck and Back Pain

Muscle Pain

Tom Has used The Headline and VIDEO PROOF
PRE-HEAT to Find a Swim club Coach.

BELOW - I sent him 3 Ideas
on How we Could turn
ONE Pain Relief Thank you note to Tracey - from the Swim Club.

INTO A Referral System to Sign up More.


WHICH Of These 3 Proven Methods
Do YOU Think We Should Use
to Get Appointments with the REST of the 100+ Swim Club members?

#1 - Post a Thank You Note to Terry on The Swim Club Locker -Room - BULLETIN BOARD.

#2 - Send Terry's Swim Coach a POOL TOY and Thank you Note to Terry. Ask him to Read it. Award the Gift in front of other members.

#3 - Email The Swim Coach a Short Video. Show & Tell the Exercise that Did The Most To Take Away Terry's PAIN. And Encourage THE COACH to Try the idea. And Share it with the Rest of the Club.

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

HINT - We're Already Taking Action on 1 of them.
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