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Linda Caroll
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Default Re: ??Verio/Hiway--Crashed??


> Does anyone know if Verio/Hiway is having
> problems? I received no email this a.m.
> (usually there are several) and can't access
> my website since last night. Anyone want to
> suggest a new webhost?

I don't know if they are having trouble... but I do know that my boyfriend/fiance/whatever-you-call-someone-you-live-with-these-days has recently had a few people transfer over from verio.

He owns and operates a hosting company.. the same one that I host my site at. I haven't had a minute downtime in three years, and their server times rival Yahoo and the other big boys. The prices are great. I recommend Peter's hosting company highly. I don't make a penny from recommending Peter's hosting service - we own and operate separate businesses, but I DO host my own sites with him.

Peter hosts some high profile companies, including an official WWF endorsed site - they host with him for the reliability. The bells and whistles don't hurt, either.

If you're looking for a host, feel welcome to check out Peter's site at

You can also get basic hosting features at my site - but my site simply refers people back to Peter if they fill in the contact form anyway. (just so you know)

If you decide to check it out, just tell him Linda sent you.

: )
Linda Caroll

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