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Default Knight of the Woeful Countenance...

There is a BS saying, totally untrue which goes...

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Hogwash. Many 25-50 year long marriages are between two people who, at first impression, couldn't even stand each other...sure, there is love at first sight, so some claim...

but many happy marriages began from a strong first impression of dislike.

Enter Gordon in El Paso, TX. Talk about an underwhelming first impression...I can't speak for the Boz, but the look on his face and some immediate conversation said...

THIS can't possibly be THE Gordon....I'm being punked or tricked.

And I was a pretty pathetic site to behold.

Then, a couple of weeks go by, and I shaved my head. Enter the ZiQ, which I think of as the FULL FORCE of the Gordon Personality, hidden behind the 11 Aliens (12 if you count an imaginary one)...who have occupied my brain.

When Boz first saw the ZiQ, he was indeed speechless, made me wish I could grow my hair back overnight...cause that was the only time he was speechless.

I think, after the ZiQ appeared, I was able to overcome that first impression.

Some people use a strategy of "being taken for granted" or UNDERestimated until the time the resources are called upon...

Legendary in sports, the underdog, the smaller, weaker competitor, who wins the day.

Even in LOVE, you get a second chance to overcome the first impression.

Don't worry if you fail badly at your first attempt, or have within you a ZiQ too, ready, willing and able to release your full personality, your true nature, your gifts and your triumph...

so go ahead and make a bad first impression...

YOU can overcome it.

The ZiQ say so.

Speaking for the ZiQ, Groucho.

Originally Posted by Bozo View Post
It's true, but I don't think you really want to know. It's one of those things where after you see it, you wish you'd have stayed in bed that morning.

I was present shortly after a new installation, which was the birth of ZiQ. It's a horrifying story that I would only tell at noon under a full sun. Nobody who has met me would believe that I was speechless for a full minute after gazing on ZiQ's countenance.

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