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Julie Jordan Scott
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Default Re: What are the qualities needed to succeed as an entrepreneur? Women and men respond....

> This is a fascinating study of women
> entrepreneurs....

Hi Dien! It most certainly is fascinating!

In fact, I am involved in a Woman's Circle called "Women Empowering Women" in which most of the women are entrepreneurs. An invigorating bunch to observe! I also am a member of the American Business Women's Association.

Probably the best way for women to succeed in business is to stop trying to model themselves solely after men role models. Instead, we need to seek other women to come alongside us, working with men as well.

I really enjoy working with men AND women both. In fact, one of my personal goals is to assist other women in getting more comfortable in working in "power positions" with men. Somewhere down the board I recommended the book, "The Princessa" by Harriet Rubin. Highly recommend it. I have used the techniques without knowing it!

One of the fascinating facts I found today was about myths and stereotypes of women in business, especially in the area of families and "mommytracking."

I will have to go back and find the site, but it is truly eye opening.

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