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Dien Rice
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Hi Paul,

> But what they don't realize is this - Women,
> who have throughout history been considered
> the "nurturers", are badly needed
> in business today. What with business and
> marketing in particular being based on
> "relationships" between two
> parties, nurturing is what it's all about.

> Wouldn't you agree? Please ;-)

I agree with you.... I think business-people -- both men and women -- are realizing more and more that thinking about the benefits of both yourself and the other person is very important to establish long-term business relationships....

And (at the risk of being controversial), I think this is something that women seem to do more naturally than men. I think men seem to have a more "competitive" nature, whereas women seem to have a more "co-operative" nature, and "co-operation" seems to be where the trend is heading!

I also read that about twice as many women start businesses compared to men -- that's a huge statistic! Entrepreneurism is becoming a woman's domain.... :)

As you may all know, I've been a physics academic, and physics (at least in the "West") is very much dominated by men.... Physics conferences are attended by probably around 90-95% men, and only 5-10% women. What many male physicists wouldn't give for more women in physics! So I know what a very "male-dominated" environment is like.... And personally, I think a good mix of men and women is much better. :) More balanced, as you said.... :)