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Dien Rice
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Default Re: It looks like fun

Hi Ankesh,

> The swiss ball looks like fun - but aren't
> you slouching your back while sitting on the
> ball?

I've found that you can kind of roll the Swiss Ball underneath you. That means that whether you are slouching or not depends on where underneath you that you've rolled the ball.

If you kind of roll your hips forward, you slouch less, but if you roll your hips back, you slouch more...

> Will be too hard to sit on a seat without
> backrest for a long time - you wont sit
> erect.

I probably haven't tried it long enough to know. However, Adam seems to find it alright. I'll have to try it a bit longer to check it out for myself.... :)

At the moment, I'm still building my muscles! Because you have to "balance" yourself on the ball, subconsciously you're constantly working your leg and torso muscles. I'm sure it must be having some kind of beneficial effect. :)

- Dien