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Default I've made thousands of loaves of bread by hand, no mixer, no bread machine...

In the discussion of food, someone asked me about recipes. Good golly molly, as we oldsters would say...

I forgot.

But OF COURSE, I have to put a recipe section in the report, maybe I can get Glenn Osborn to share his muffin recipes.

Bread is a centuries old stable of life. Some flour (and there are so many kinds of flours, even non grain types today), a little water, heat and there you go. If you want it to rise, some sort of leavening.

But flatbreads are easy to make, QUICK breads too, like Corn Bread (which I'm making today with my beans).

I have literally made thousands of pieces of bread (not all loafs, some in the shape of a pizza) hand.

Flour on the table, add some water, yeast, salt, and whole lot of kneading, kneading and more kneading...some rest, proofing, baking and of course...eating it too. I made about 20 to 40 loaves a night on the submarine. One meal, called mid-rats, was all about the bread for sandwiches.

So thanks TM, for reminding me that growing food, planting, harvesting, with whatever forms it takes, including hydroponics, micro-greens, herbs and spices...that at some point it has to be


So, sure, I'll include some recipes in the report too, and a section on quick breads, mug muffins, pan cookies, etc., etc.

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