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Default Here's the real "low-down" on this...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
today, the Boz pulled in 140 bux with less than 3 hours of "work"

55 dollars an hour...and I saw him flirting with at least two of his female customers...a benefit of polishing up headlights.

I'll be finishing up my time here in NM soon, headed if anyone wants me to stop by for a week or two to do a project...get in touch with me soon...

also, if you're sitting on the's a good time to get the Boz Headlight cleaning manual...
I'll just say here that... I've read Gordon and Boz's manual - and it's really good!

What I like is the detail they go into...

Now, there are others out there who clean headlights. While Gordon and Boz explain all the details on that, that's not what makes this manual so unique...

What is very UNIQUE about this is the marketing method that Boz devised... And he and Gordon "spill all the beans" in the manual...

(It's thanks to the marketing method they use that he can get such a high hourly rate!)

Boz made a lot of mistakes in figuring out how to market this with "no selling" required - and he tells you his mistakes, too. (Many others are still making these mistakes - and are making less money as a result...)

A lot of businesses require strong "sales skills" to succeed... The great thing is - if you use Boz's method - this requires little or no selling skills...

(I don't want to say any more than that, since I don't want to give the game away... However, having written about many businesses, their marketing technique is really brilliant... And they give you the "meat and potatoes" on all the details...)

Anyway, it's a great manual. Get it while it's still available...! (See Gordon's post for the link!)

Best wishes,


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