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Sandi Bowman
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Default Re: Marketing to new homebuyers idea

Larry, we have a local community business location/ads site online in this area. What he did was go to the local businesses and present a package deal to them that would see their business advertised on his site. All the ads are the same size (last I looked, anyway), and the same price. The design is his with approval/collaboration with the business. The business provides the content, pictures etc.

His basic idea is that local people, and visitors, would find the site useful when looking for specific items or services. He eventually offered both the standard ad plus, for an extra fee, a listing in the categorized section so people didn't have to scan everything to find them. It seems to have worked well.

He advertises the site several ways: brochure in the visitor's center, newspapers, flyers, and lots of word of mouth as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

Sandi Bowman

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