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Dien Rice
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Default Prove your credibility

Hi Jason,

There are two essential things you need to do to succeed online. One thing is to bring in traffic, one way or another. The other thing is to be able to sell.

One part of selling is proving your credibility. When I had a quick look at your web site, it said that you can help people with their relationships. However, there's no "proof" there of your abilities.

You need to PROVE to a visitor that you know what you're talking about. Many people won't have the confidence to ask you anything unless you do this - even if you answered for free.

Have you helped many others? If so, perhaps they could give you some testimonials to use. Or perhaps you have a relevant degree or certificate you could mention? Even a few articles on your site, written by you, could help to enhance your credibility - as long as the articles show that you're an expert.

Given how personal relationship problems are, I know that if I was seeking advice I would want some assurance that the person I confided in really could help me. Your site as it is right now does not give enough information about your experience or your qualifications to instil that confidence.

There's a lot more you could do. I'm not sure how you were trying to make money before, what you were trying to sell, or how you were trying to get traffic.... Perhaps you could tell us some more details?

Also, your web site is hosted by geocities. I tend to associate geocities with "hobby" sites - not professional web sites. Perhaps others might think the same thing and not take it seriously....

- Dien