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Default Why people hate selling (salesman) ... and an EFFECTIVE alternative to it, IS...

Don't sell. Quit selling. Instead, show and tell.

A tip of the hat to the old Don Alm type advertising game, although he was a master salesman...many of his advertising programs were more along the lines of show and tell.

When I did demo work, that was more akin to showing, and telling although some of my early demo days were selling from a script (at fairs, kitchen utensils and in stores, cutlery) and you had to draw a crowd around and demonstrate in DRAMATIC fashion and get the crowed enthused.

A lot of valuable lessons come from doing that (if you are successful). But I took to selling at a very young age and liked testing MAGIC WORDS and routines on people knowing that "the selling begins when the customer says NO!"...

Still a great Biz-Op for those overt oriented people, big personality types, and a ton of money to be made.

But for the majority of people, especially professionals like Realtors for example, as opposed to Car salespeople, who bring sort of a rep with them...the Real Estate game is a lot of show and tell. Any given day there are a slew of OPEN HOUSES where they show and tell about the house.

Maybe when they find a qualified prospect, more selling takes place of the traditional kind, but I believe mostly homes are bought rather than being sold and as a former GRI Realtor, I think I could easily support that claim.

But my point today is for anyone looking for a Biz-Op, or a side hustle, a few gigs to bring in the moolah, to earn some pin money, to have more income to use for whatever they want...


choose a business opportunity where you can make fast profits with little to no selling involved.

Choose a product or service where you can SHOW AND TELL and not try to sell.

It is much easier on your nerves, better for your wallets, takes less time and you make more money.

Sure, if you have the chops or the brass, go and sell baby sell.

But for most of us, I really think the best thing we can do is to choose a product that you only need to show to people, and even then, the TELLING part can be done on a flyer or HOTSHEET, and you could be home bingeing Netflix.

Any thoughts?

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