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Default Re: A process.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
Both ways work, re: low intro, backends vs. higer ticket.


You're correct. Both ways do work. Dan Kennedy built a pretty large empire on the "old school" style ascenscion ladder. Sean Mize has been talking a lot lately on his inner circle calls about the high ticket/reverse funnel method. It's possible some of that was coming through.

I really like Sean's current thinking on the high ticket model. I think a lot of "gurus" are going to this model (which doesn't necessarily you or anyone else has to follow that model). I'm probably going to transition my site (or maybe create a new site to use this model) but I'm waaaay too far down the road with the lead magnet/membership model to change horses in mid-stream. I'm very close to getting it done so I'm sticking with that direction.

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