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Default Re: Rick, what is high ticket $$$??? and what is a reverse funnel?

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
If you have a minute, let us know. What is considered HIGH ticket? And what does or how does a reverse funnel work?

GOOD, for sticking with completing your project, once it has been perfected and generating income, then you can always add BIG TICKET on, or do a different site, right?

Get your thing done friend. FAT season is soon upon us (thinking of a big juicy succulent fried turkey which didn't explode, smashed taters and gravy like granma used to make with butter drenched biscuits)...probably gained a couple of pounds just imagining it. Eh, HA!

Not for nothing, put your blinders on, Sean et al will always be there to get you excited about the next big thing on their plate.


I'd say the amount for high ticket items depend on the marketer. Sean is saying anything above $3K is high ticket.

Reverse funnels aren't really anything new. Sean has discussed them in the past and I think others have as well. With a "reverse funnel" you show your high ticket offering to the prospect first, followed by a mid ticket product, then a lower ticket product. It's just a twist on the downsell model.

You're right on. I'm sticking with my current model for now. I've told Sean I'm not changing horses this late in the game. The doggone thing is almost done. I'm determined to get it done. Then, as you suggested, once it's done and generating income, I'll most likely create a separate site to go with the reverse funnel model.

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