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Default While I'm on the subject.

Creating or building the life you think you want.

I guess that is the subject, well, it is now.


First, it is YOURS. Not my idea of success, happiness, accomplishment. Or it isn't what anyone else thinks.

It is YOUR Mansion.

Over the years, I have come to accept that the ONE thing most people want, or think they to have as much CONTROL of their lives as they can.

Doing and Being are often the goal posts of this control. Being someone. As opposed to being a NO BODY.

I've always taken issue with the WINNERS vs LOSERS concept, but it is the de facto theory as trickled down from our POTUS these days.

Goal setting is a form of control. Reaching the goal, manifesting our desire, is the proof of that control.

Why do people want to start a business? Most often given reason is, to be their own boss, or to escape the boss they have. Out FROM under the control of someone else, they deem less than worthy of having such control, albeit, forgetting they willfully surrendered it when they accepted the job.

My infamous question, as some of you have suggested it be called is...


The two part question thousands have come to be annoyed with.

In the quest of things, money and all things of the EARTH, as seen on the is never the thing itself...

it is the FEELINGS which it gives to the holder of said thing.

And here is the secret, which I've chosen to bury in this thread, in a not very much read forum, on the back rivers of the Internet...but it is a secret, which isn't one at all...but can help you with finding your mansion, reaching your goal, getting what you want.

Have the feelings first.

I can't visualize. But I can feel. And as the SQ1 shows us, these are subjects of thinking, of CONTROL.

The accumulation of energy on the lifeline until the manifestation takes place, has less to do with the activity of movement toward the tip of the POA, and more to do with the feelings of being there, now.

Thought I'd give you this, while I was on the subject.

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