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Default For now, I'll take this at face value, which means...

Originally Posted by OliviaThomas1998 View Post
This is interesting what you've wrote. Why do you believe the amount of 2-5k is the right amount to invest? What other factors should we take into consideration when investing such amount in the time of the pandemic? What would you suggest to start with? I'd be grateful for your tips!

I'll answer these questions, for now, but I advise you to read about DRIVE BY POSTS.

I KNOW, not believe, that 2 -5 k doesn't go very far in start-ups, it is enough to get started. And this is especially true of an Online or Internet Marketing business.

I believe it is a good amount to start with, because most people can afford it. Other factors are PERSONAL skills, experience and knowledge. What does one bring with them to use? Then, what INTEREST or affinity, does one have for the business core, worst thing is to have ONLY a need to make money.

That is a big factor, but not if based on desperation. Start fast, start quickly but based on a well thought out PLAN OF ACTION.

For over 35 years I've asked the two questions: WHAT do you want, and WHY? This gives insight to motivation and determination.

Two thousand dollars gets one a website, some tools to use, like Autoresponders and leaves a bit for marketing. It is more of a minimum, although, many have done it for much less than that, but they spend more TIME to get to profits. 2k investment should return itself in the first 90 days and be profitable from the on.

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