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Default Partner & GirlFriend Emptied Ken's Office While He Was On Vacation

Happy Holidays,

Mistake #1 - was giving his girl friend 3% of his business for doing a
Good Job.

48% his partner had - plus 3% for the gal friend - is 51%

So they Stole every Consulting idea he'd invented in 20 years
of consulting - while he was away. His neighbors said a van backed
up to the side of his house.

But they did Ken a Favor in a way.

They taught him he could DOUBLE his 400,000.00 fees and BEAT THEM
out of Consulting Contract - over and over again.


Ken started ADDING VALUE to Beat his old 400K size offers - Charged 800 GRAND instead of 400K. He was amazed. He closed them all.

Ken followed them around for 6 or 8 months - offering a Competing
Option to every bid they made. BANKRUPTED his former partner and girlfriend.

When last we spoke - Ken was commanding 7 figure fees. Working for
Billion dollar corporations. Even doing some work for the Dept of Defense.

Ken is a Genius.

I learned a lot from him.

I Especially VALUE Ken's Way of NLP Copywriting an "Introduction" to any Request for Munny - so you NEVER get an outright "NO."

You get a chance to negotiate. Make Changes.


Glenn Osborn
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