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Default Re: "All I got" is LOGIC -- therefore, I have nothing...

Thanks TW for posting about this issue you are facing.

I came across this guy who goes to brick and mortar businesses. And sells them a $50 a month package where he will go and create an ecommerce site for them. The thing is: he just buys $10 a month hosting a/c for his client, slaps a free Magento script on it and he is done - making $50 for ever.

I always thought that why would anyone pay $50 a month for what is essentially a free solution? Because I never would. And thats when I realized:

You don't know what you don't know.

The brick and mortar biz just don't know what is required to create an ecommerce site. And so they pay for a solution what they think is a fair price. From my point of view, the price is unfair and its illogical of them to pay so much. But from their point of view, thats perfectly logical.

People make decisions based on emotion - that is correct. But they don't throw away all their logic away. The problem you are facing is you don't know the logic they are following. You are in a blind spot.

Amply evidenced by people buying ring tones. Its the same reason why people apply nail polish. Its a fashion symbol. Something that allows them to show to the world that they are different. It is logical from that point of view. But your angle of viewing is completely different. And that is why you think its illogical to buy ring tones.

The point I'm trying to make is: its not emotions and logic you are fighting. You just think that way because you are in a blind spot.

How to get out of this blind spot? Ask questions. And listen. Without judgement. Thats the only way.

For eg: for the lady who called you and asked why you hadn't called her... ask her why.

"I am a one man shop and have limited resources. I find it hard to reach all my clients at the right time - but would like to do a better job. Would you have 5 minutes to help me find this right time? Yes? Awesome. First question is: Should I wait for them to call me because everyone has a different need, or is there a best time I can call everyone at? Why? Why? Second question is: When is the best time for me to call to book a repeat sale? Why is that a best time? Why? Why?"

You will find that most of their points follow logic. There may be some leaps here and there, but they won't be completely illogical.

Hope this helps you.
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