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Default Re: Man Makes $55,000 a year... selling candy on the subway!

Loved the video. The bloke in it was in England but you can bet the same sort of scheme happens here. In fact, back in the early '80's when I was a member of the National Speakers Association in San Francisco we almost always had guest speakers at our meetings.

The one I remember the most had the "Butterfly Man" as our speaker. This gentleman performed juggling tricks for the tourists at Fisherman's Wharf and the surrounding toursit traps. He was called the Butterfly Man because he had a tattoo of a butterfly on the front of his head and going slightly down onto his forehead.

He told us he used to be a dentist but got tired of all the guvmint regs, employees, taxes, etc and became a street person. He had been performing for several years before speaking to us. When asked how much he made, all he would say was "six figures" and then added tax free.

He gave us a performance of his juggling. It included bowling balls, eggs, tennis balls and flaming swords. I could see why he made a good goobly load of money. The guy was great.

BTW, our local paper did a story on one of our local homeless guys. He stands on street corners, usually freeway on ramp situated, with a card board sign. He parks his Cadillac in one of the casino's parking garages for free and walks to the corner. He wouldn't tell the reporter how much he makes as you might guess.

What a great country...
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