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Default Re: An observation about Ad clicks

Hi Skip…I know I've been absent but I have not forgotten you all. This is where I was able to convert my offline idea into an online success and I am especially thankful to you, Phil and Cornell.

I was hoping to make the 'go to' website for the Health, Wealth, and Entertainment niche. I have natural recipes for weight loss, arthritis, and plenty of other ailments that millions of people suffer from. I also have plenty of ideas on the entertainment front and a whole host of proven money making ideas but as I still have a lot to learn about Internet Marketing, my efforts are clumsy.

I have also realized that I just do not have the time to do it all in a timely manner so focusing on one category, as you've suggested, would probably be good for me.

I am going to remove the health articles and stick to the money making ideas. Now that i've been able to restart my balloon distribution business, I have a good steady stream of income coming in and would like to use my free time to help others who may be going through a tough time financially. Also, hoping to create some insurance for myself in case the unthinkable happens again.

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