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Default Weird Valentine's Day business (from the past)!

I've delved into some newspaper archives again, looking for interesting, yet odd, businesses...

Anyway, I stumbled across the following "offbeat" Valentine's business, from 1987!

Sure, we know what to send to our loved ones... But this seems to fill the "niche" of what you should send to your "ex"!

Valentines: A pot of gold for sellers of cards
Judith Crosson
Reuters; United Press International
14 February 1987
St. Petersburg Times

Flowers with a twist

NEW YORK - It's the thought that counts, and sending an ex-lover a box of dead flowers for Valentine's Day says it all.

Manhattan entrepreneurs Bill Verderosa and Mark McConnell on Friday credited a lot of trampled feelings for a recent boom in their unusual business, Drop Dead Flowers.

Operators of the 6-month-old venture deliver a black lacquered box of very dead flowers, replete with dirt, taken from the dumpsters of local cemeteries, and wrap it all in a purple bow - all for $37.50.

Hmm... On the face of it, it's a great business. If you get your dead flowers from the dumpsters of local cemeteries, the costs to acquire your "product" is almost zero! The rest is pure profit...

Not sure why this business doesn't still seem to be around...

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