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Default Rick, what is high ticket $$$??? and what is a reverse funnel?

Originally Posted by Rick View Post
You're correct. Both ways do work. Dan Kennedy built a pretty large empire on the "old school" style ascenscion ladder. Sean Mize has been talking a lot lately on his inner circle calls about the high ticket/reverse funnel method. It's possible some of that was coming through.

I really like Sean's current thinking on the high ticket model. I think a lot of "gurus" are going to this model (which doesn't necessarily you or anyone else has to follow that model). I'm probably going to transition my site (or maybe create a new site to use this model) but I'm waaaay too far down the road with the lead magnet/membership model to change horses in mid-stream. I'm very close to getting it done so I'm sticking with that direction.


If you have a minute, let us know. What is considered HIGH ticket? And what does or how does a reverse funnel work?

GOOD, for sticking with completing your project, once it has been perfected and generating income, then you can always add BIG TICKET on, or do a different site, right?

Get your thing done friend. FAT season is soon upon us (thinking of a big juicy succulent fried turkey which didn't explode, smashed taters and gravy like granma used to make with butter drenched bisquits)...probably gained a couple of pounds just imagining it. Eh, HA!

Not for nothing, put your blinders on, Sean et al will always be there to get you excited about the next big thing on their plate.

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