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Dien Rice
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Default Bring meaning to your life with a sense of wonder....

> ****No, I did not know that. I learned
> something new today! Katherine learned four
> fun Thanksgiving facts this year in school.
> Last night we looked at photos of the ACTUAL
> Plymouth Rock. She was thrilled. The child
> really enjoys history.

Julie, thanks for sharing your daughter Katherine's experiences....

I believe that MANY adults lose something in the transition to adult-hood.... sometimes they lose too much of their curiosity.... Sometimes, keeping your sense of wonder is the most powerful optimism there is, and it makes life much, much richer....

I can see that you and your children wonderfully keep it alive, Julie.... :)

> ****Actually, this speech sounds like it
> could have been spoken today (or at least
> thought today, it might have been
> politically incorrect in parts.) FASTING!
> Humility! PRAYER! Pretty radical stuff
> dontcha think?

I agree.... It is quite "radical" in parts.... But it's so true (in my view)....

Thanks Julie for being a kindred spirit.... :)

Dien Rice