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Default Re: The PROFESSIONAL Remote Direct Marketing Home Study Course

Originally Posted by dvallieres View Post
Fantastic post Gordon. It's strange how things work, but I was just randomly reading my copy of 7 Steps To Freedom II yesterday looking for some inspiration, ideas and motivation. It's a great resource.

You are absolutely correct about pulling in skills and knowledge learned in previous experiences, building on or stripping out what no longer works and mixing them up to form new ideas!

Thanks dvallieres, make a note, if you will. How on the back cover of the book (if you still have it) it reads:

"With archaic conventional business methods which use primitive marketing mediums, it usually takes 5 years to make a profit. With the NPGS it is possible to make a profit on a new business venture in a few months to a few hours. This book will show you how to make money at the speed of light in "Cyberspace".

Short history lesson. When this edition was released, I was the featured writer for the NPGS UPDATE HOTLINE newsletter. One of our subscribers, a MARLON SANDERS, wrote us a letter detailing his gang test methods on Compuserve and AOL. It is what drove me to quit the cushy job at SCI and go full time ONLINE. I think I did so in 1997, maybe 98.

Anyhow, I have used the NPGS formula right out of the gate. I had other reports that I was selling offline, and one of them, THE SPRINT TO FREEDOM, THE CHATTEL REPORT was going very well. I had a laser printer and two binding machines in the basement, and I would spend an hour and print and bind (spiral) the reports and send them in the mail, all told, a couple of hours of work.

It took me to about 2003 to clear my plate of the copy work I had taken on, never solicited for a client, they found me, mostly from the newsletter. I was more interested in writing copy for my reports and information than for theirs.

EARLY Internet was the proverbial WILD WEST, where it seemed that anything goes. Early successes were guys who had direct marketing experience and brought those skills to the new frontier. Guys like Bill Myers, Melvin Powers, Corey Rudl, were first adopters.

Now the interesting thing is regards 7 STEPS, SCI never figured out how to do it, they never sold digital products with any efficacy. The reason, is, they had become the 400 pound gorilla Ben wrote about. Too big to make a quick decision, too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.

And I think the BOOK and its business lessons are still valuable, I often laugh at it being a case of do as I say, and not as I do. But don't feel sorry for SCI, they have done pretty, pretty, pretty well even if they didn't cash in on CYBERSPACE (at least not with digital products).

TODAY, the second greatest BOOM in Internet Marketing and online start-ups is about to happen...2021 will produce as many new businesses as did any year prior to this one.

Again, I say, OPPORTUNITY for those with some value to offer to the newcomers, even though the West is more tame now, still plenty of chances to be selling the tools to the miners.


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