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Default How/where do you find confidence without security?...

Most people's "confidence" comes from (whether they know it or admit it) their ability to "FLOAT" upon a certain amount of financial security.

Is it possible to maintain some level of confidence WITHOUT the ability to "float" upon some financial security?

When you've run out of "vines" to swig from/to, where does faith/confidence come from?

About 18 months ago I sold one of my 2 houses. Just before it sold, I was CONVINCED it would never sell (market was VERY bad). A friend of mine who has a lot of RE experience came over -- I expressed my desperation/hopelessness. He very calmly said, "Someone will buy your house." At the time I was sure he was NUTS to say that! I was CONVINCED my house would NEVER sell!

He was right + I was wrong (thank God).

I've been doing a lot of thinking about where this faith comes from.
The wondering can be summed up by asking this analogous question...

What will be the expression on your face the MILLI-SECOND *BEFORE* the lifeboat you've been adrift in, finally gets RESCUED??? THAT facial expression is what I mean by the faith/confidence one "floats" on during IMPOSSIBLY DIFFICULT TIMES.

How does one go from being sure one will NOT be rescued (maybe rescued is a bad analogy -- implies solutions come from without, not within!), to being sure one WILL be rescued?!? (when there's no evidence to support one outcome or the other).

I'm sure all entrepreneurs go through this at one time or another -- when the "deck" seems to be stacked against you.
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