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Dien Rice
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Default Two years ago, September 11 caused us to think a lot about the purpose of our lives...

I know I was in shock, and so were many others. Here on Sowpub, many were in shock - it took many of us many months to start to recover. We searched into what the purpose of our lives was - are we truly living our lives for a fulfilling purpose?

When you live a fulfilling life, it means that when you have something, you give something back to others. The community around you played a part in your success - you can help pay back society by giving something back.

There are many ways to give something back to society. The easiest way is just to give money. You can donate your money to local charities or to international organizations - whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Another way is to help others who are in need. You can also teach others, by sharing your knowledge to help others to better their own lives. Giving a gift to someone in need is the best kind of gift there is - sometimes the best gifts are non-material gifts, such as giving your knowledge or just giving your support. It can mean a lot to many people.

Do what you feel is best. One person I know works regularly in a free soup kitchen. Another person I know does regular work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. And others I know are simply generous with their time and knowledge to those who are not doing as well as they are.

I'm going to start working harder to help others as well. There's no reason to delay taking action. I hope these words spur many of us into action too.

Dien Rice