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Default Re: This Kid Is the Best Door to Door Salesman...

Hi Ankesh,

Thank you for laying out your lessons in the usual clear and concise manner. I actually had very similar Takeaways just different terminology.

In regard to the "Bonus" I felt he used that to overcome the clients objection or potential Haggling over the $36 dollar price.

I believe she started asking about the $36 dollars and THEN he added in the bonus and mentioned also later on about how many bottle a small amount would equal to.

Glad you had fun with it. A lot of lessons can be learned in the strangest of places.

Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post
Thanks Duane for sharing this.

Take aways:
* The passion. Making a cleaning product exciting.
* Kinetic energy. How he high fives folks all the time.
* Ownership. How he asks the guy to hold the product.
* Demonstration. Showing how the product cleans 3 different things.
* Bonus. He offers a bonus and gives a reason why behind it too.

Where he can improve:
* Revealing the price. He had a couple of instances where he could have revealed the price and asked for objections.
* Asking for the sale. He does not ask for the sale after every demo. A 2 minute pitch can be dragged to 7-10 minutes if you don't ask for the sale at the right time.
* Does not pace himself with his listeners. There were a couple of instances where I thought the buyers didn't understand him.
* Closing. Maybe he closes well after the video is over though...

But yes - he is pretty good. And the video was fun to watch. Thanks
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