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Dien Rice
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Default Creating your bliss.... :)

Hi Julie! :)

> In reading the book "Inspirational
> Leadership" by Lance Secretan, the
> author takes the quote by Joseph Campbell,
> "Follow Your Bliss" one step
> further. Secretan says, "Create your
> bliss and then follow it."

Julie, this quote sounds very interesting..... Could you explain it further?

I find Joseph Campbell to be an interesting fellow.... :) I haven't read any of his books, but I remember watching the (PBS?) series with Bill Moyers (I think?), on the nature and power of myth. It was fascinating stuff!

It was quite a long time ago that I saw that series, but I remember thinking that there was a lot of truth to it.... Essentially what I remember is that the "myths" or stories of our culture affect how we live our lives quite strongly....

And that "myths" are not just rooted in the ancient past, but that "new" myths are always being generated -- and he talked specifically about the example of "Star Wars"....

> What I especially like about this quote is
> that it illustrates taking an ACTIVE
> choice....

Yes, I strongly believe that we CHOOSE to be successful or not -- though we may not realize it....

For example, if we CHOOSE to be negative thinkers, pessimistic, small minded -- we choose to be UNsuccessful.

But if we CHOOSE to be positive thinkers, optimistic, big thinkers aware that EVERYTHING is possible -- then we choose SUCCESS!

For every person who's a BIG success, I believe there are at least 1000 people who said "that's impossible".... Whether it's becoming a movie star, or creating a machine that flies, or practically any kind of endeavor!

So, part of the path to success is CHOOSING to be the one in a thousand who says: It IS possible and I can do it!

Wow, Julie, you really got me going here.... Thanks.... :)


- Dien

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